Mia Khalifa Says She’s Only Hooked Up With One Guy Who Slid Into Her DMs

The odds are against us.

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Here’s the thing about trying to slide into the DMs of recent birthday girl Mia Khalifa: don’t. Seriously, it won’t go anywhere. Even though there was already a ton of evidence that it was a losing proposition (Chad Kelly knows what we’re talking about), Mia reportedly addressed the issue in a recent appearance on ESPN radio show Russilo & Kanell. She did admit that it’s worked before.

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Mia clarified that she “can only be hit up” from people she follows and that if someone does hit her up, “it’s usually for a good reason.”

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“But,” she continued, “if they come at me sideways, they’re going to learn the hard way not to.”

We know that’s the truth

Mia did confess that exactly one guy has ever successfully gotten through. She “only actually ever responded to one DM positively,” she said, and “and that was very recently.”

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She admitted that she’s currently “kind of seeing him,” but she didn’t name the dude because honestly, her legions of fans would probably make his life hell.

There are the cold, hard facts, but they should be kind of comforting—if you ever tried to hit up Mia Khalifa and were ignored or rejected, you’re in the majority. 

h/t Complex