Mia Khalifa Has Gone From Professional Porn Star To Amateur Cook, And She Wants You to Buy Her Pots and Pans

#ChefMia is whipping up some some seriously sexy dishes...

Perhaps in an attempt to chill out the droves of thirsty athletes from constantly trying to slide into her DMs, retired porn queen Mia Khalifa has gone from constantly tweeting about sports to gushing about cooking. 

It might not sound all that sexy, but we promise it's actually pretty mesmerizing. Just watch Khalifa whip up this egg mixture for "crême brûbaé."

If you're a fan of her latest hobby, you can spend spend as little as $20 on a cookbook or much as $400 on some high-end pots and pans to gift Mia from her Amazon wish list. 

Yep, you read that right. Hey, include your social media handle and you're favorite recipe, and she'll supposedly even whip up a dish for you. 

The savvy Lebanese-American bombshell definitely seems to know what she's doing—theses dishes look pretty damn tasty. 

If you're feeling extra generous, why not help take her kitchen game to the next level? She's already done so much for us by curating a fantastically sexy Instagram feed. 

Here's a reminder, lest you forgot: