Ex-Porn Star Mia Khalifa Just Punched a Fan in the Face for Taking Her Photo Without Asking

Please selfie consensually.


When you’re a former porn star, fans may expect you’re an open book.

Such is not always the case for Mia Khalifa, who is otherwise known for her pleasant interactions with fans and razzing thirsty athletes.

When some kid from Texas shoved his camera in her face to snap an nonconsensual selfie, Khalifa snapped, clocking the punk in the face.

Because it’s sort of cool to be smacked around by a porn star, the kid posted the selfie and its black-and-blue aftermath to Twitter.

The photo promptly began trending, which spurred fans who had successfully taken selfies with Khalifa to respond with “Can’t relate.” 


Their secret? They asked for goddamn permission first, as Khalifa made it clear in her response to one of the selfies.

And the AVA Award for best sucker punch goes to Mia Khalifa!