Mia Khalifa Is Absolutely Roasting Tim Tebow for Eating Guac With a Spoon

The ex-porn star’s favorite hobby is trolling sports figures on Twitter.

Mia Khalifa

Previously, Mia Khalifa had a major burst of fame as one of the most popular porn stars in the history of online XXX video giant Pornhub. She tired of that and got out of porn and apparently decided to segue into what must be a pretty satisfying career in just trolling the hell out of high-profile athletes (and anyone else who deserves it). 

Khalifa now lives in Texas but likely due to her time doing skin flicks in Miami is a huge fan of the Florida State Seminoles. That explains better than anything why she had to call out Tim Tebow’s bizarre eating habits, captured in an impromptu photo by sportswriter Steven Ruiz—Tebow was, after all, once the Heisman Award-winning QB for the Seminoles’ big in-state rival, the Florida Gators.

Mia Khalifa
Mia Khalifa wants you to eat your guac right.

Seriously, though, what the hell is Tebow doing here? Everyone loves guacamole if they just sit down and try it, sure, but just chowing down on a tub like it’s no big thing? That’s Tom Brady-level diet strangeness. Where are your chips, Tebow?

While we’re pretty sure Tim Tebow’s rep as a clean-cut nice guy is mostly for real, consider us Team Mia on this one. Guac belongs on chips—or burgers, or tacos, or whatever you like—period.