We Can't Stop Watching Badass Babe Michelle Rodriguez Go Absolutely Ham at the Firing Range

She got skills.

If you thought Michelle Rodriguez's gun-handling skills in the The Fast and the Furious franchise were based in Hollywood trickery, you're sorely mistaken. 

In the above video posted to the Taran Tactical Innovations Facebook page, the badass babe runs through a target range with a pistol-and-assault rifle combination, firing off a total of 21 rounds in just under 15 seconds and hitting nearly all of her marks. 

Michelle Rodriguez Promo

She then picks up a semi-automatic shotgun and executes a similarly impressive feat as she obliterates 12 different targets in ten seconds without a miss.  

"Fucking sick!" she exclaims at the end of the video. We couldn't agree more. If she keeps this up, she'll be close to Keanu Reeves' level. Seriously—just watch how fast the John Wick actor can squeeze his trigger finger. 

In honor of the 39-year-old stunner's mind-blowing marksmanship and recent birthday on July 12, let's take a look at her hottest Maxim shots and sexiest 'grams. Enjoy!

h/t: Task and Purpose 

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