Check Out These 10 Sizzling Beauties Rocking Micro-Bikinis

We can’t get enough of this teeny-tiny swimwear craze.

(Photo: Inamorata Swim)

It’s not just you; swimwear is in fact getting smaller.

Instagram babes are practically spilling out of their bikini tops, not because their breasts are growing due to some radioactive oil spill in California, but rather because of a hot new trend called the micro-bikini.

The Micro-bikini is the latest swimwear craze sweeping the nation, or at least the hallowed and perpetually sun-soaked realms in which Instagram babes reside.

They’re what they sound like: swimwear tops that are too small (micro) to cover the entire breast, oftentimes leaving sideboob and even sometimes underboob exposed. It’s not practical, but damn… does it look great!

Above 10, hotties rocking micro-bikinis on Instagram, from Kim Kardashian to Emily Ratajkowski.