The Girl From Those AT&T Commercials Is Actually a Total Babe, and We’ve Got the Pics to Prove It



If you’ve never heard the name Milana Vayntrub before, it’s a good bet you’ll recognize her anyway as buttoned-down beauty “Lily” from AT&T’s ad campaign.

For a little background: the 30-year-old actress escaped from Uzbekistan—the then-Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic—to West Hollywood with her parents as a child before she earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California.

Vayntrub starred in the first season of NBC’s This Is Us and was cast as the lead superheroine in the 2017 Marvel television series News Warriors, but sadly, that didn’t go forward.

There’s an abundance of sizzling content circulating across the web that proves Vayntrub is a total smokeshow. For a time, at least, Vayntrub wasn’t comfortable with attention about her looks, as it led commenters on her Instagram to step over the line.  But clips like this, for example, are amazing:

That’s the exact same noise we made when we discovered all of these photos.

Vayntrub took time away from AT&T spots for a while but it seems like the telecom giant knew they had a good thing going with her “Lily” front and center in ads, and she’s been back for a while, surely boosting sales a bit.


h/t: FHM