Miley Cyrus Is Hosting “SNL” – No Wonder Our Tongues Are Hanging Out

We’re all just twerking for the weekend!

We have made absolutely no secret of the fact we love Miley Cyrus over here, and while she’s definitely a divisive figure, it seems we’re not alone, because you guys voted Miley to the number one spot of this year’s Maxim Hot 100. The singer/model/actress/tongue enthusiast has been trailing scandal in her wake for the last few months, and we’re excited to see if she can bring some of that unpredictability to Saturday Night Live when she hosts this weekend. It seems like people either love her or hate her, but going by these new promo videos, it’s obvious that she’s willing to make fun of herself. Then again, if you thought she took herself super seriously after watching her grind up on teddy bears at the VMAs, then the joke was probably on you to begin with…