Mini Anden

All hail Sweden!

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All hail Sweden! The land that invented dynamite, the zipper, and the GPS has delivered to America its hottest invention to date: Mini Anden. If there were a Nobel Prize for hot, we’re pretty sure this 5’10”, legs-for-days former Victoria’s Secret model would take it. Here the blue-eyed beauty tells us about her latest role, opposite Jason Statham in the reboot of The Mechanic. Expect guns, gore, and (yes, there is a God) a steamy nude scene. Lucky those Scandinavians carried out the first pacemaker operation, too…’cause She sure has our hearts skipping beats.

You’re 5’10”. Isn’t the name Mini a bit of a misnomer?

Mini is a nickname I’ve had since I was a baby. My real name is Susanna. My mum and dad couldn’t agree on my name at first, so my mum started calling me Mini—I was a tiny baby—and it stuck.

Tell us about your role in The Mechanic.

I play Sara, who is Bishop’s [Jason Statham] escape. He comes to her to forget what his life has become.

Yeah, your character sleeps with him without knowing his name…

You know, I’ve actually never had a one-night stand. I’m a relationship kind of girl.

The movie has lots of guns. Are you a firearms kind of girl?

I’d love to be, but I would need some training. I’ve been to the shooting range a couple of times, but handling weapons is harder than it looks. I’m very physical and athletic.

So you went nude in this movie…

It really was surprisingly easy, actually. We just laughed about it. There I was, straddling Jason in bed, talking about whatever, and we’re like, “Oh, my God! I’m seeing you in the nude! Ha-ha!” Then we accidentally fall off—which is completely not sexy—and we’re on the ground laughing. I also banged my head into the bed a couple of times.

Does being Swedish help with being comfortable in the nude?

I think it helps being European. It doesn’t help being Swedish. Don’t think we’re always walking around nude, because we’re not.

Don’t shatter our dreams! Don’t you have a sauna in your house for orgies?

No. Another misconception is that we have sex all the time. We do have sex all the time, but not with a lot of people. I’m kidding! Swedish women are strong and smart, and we’re not afraid to give guys shit. We’re not going to sit there and giggle. We’re going to fire back.

What advice would you give a Maxim reader on trying to date a girl like you?

It’s better just being yourself from the start than trying to be something else.

What if “yourself” is a chubby dude who burps a lot while drinking beer?

It would be funny! Funny is very good.

Tell us about your tattoos.

I love the one on my arm. It’s actually the cross I wear around my neck, which was my grandmother’s. The ones on my butt I did when I was young.

So what’s on your butt?

They are little fairies. I got them when I was, like, 20. I was living in New York, and this guy brought this kit to our apartment. I got it done while lying across my dining room table.

Were you sober?


That’s pretty rock’n’roll!

I’m so not rock’n’roll. That’s the funny thing. I wish I were.

What makes a woman sexy?

It’s an energy you put out. It’s the smart, funny women who have the confidence. I find it sexy when people are able to laugh at themselves and be goofy.

What’s your best physical attribute?

My eyes. They’re blue. Swedish blue.

We love your role as Carina in Chuck. Any butt-kicking scenes coming up?

I’m not sure what Carina’s going to be up to this time out, but I’m excited to find out.

Can you kick our asses?

I’ve got a mean punch. Jason Statham even said it. He said, “No, not the stomach, honey. Punch the hands.” So, yeah, I can knock you out.


Mini Anden


From: Stockholm, Sweden

First Passion

“I ice-skated from the ages of five through 18, then I stopped. When I got back on the ice, I was like, Oh, shit! Now I know what normal people feel like. This is fucking scary!”

Secret Weapon

“I was a Victoria’s Secret model, and that made my nude scene in The Mechanic easier. I’m used to having to let go.”

Potty Mouth

“A good Swedish curse is ‘Jävla kuksugare,’ which means ‘Fucking cocksucker!’¿”

Model Behavior

“Not every model only cares about bags, shoes, partying, and fucking rock stars. It’s a misconception.”

Guilty Pleasure

“I don’t really want to admit it, but I watch reality shows. My husband says, ‘You’re getting stupider by the minute watching that shit,’ and I’m like, ‘I know, but I can’t help myself!’¿”

The Mechanic opens in theatres on January 28, 2011. 

Check out more Mini Anden in this Maxim video