Meet the Sexiest Bikini-Clad Contestants From the 'Miss Hooters International' Swimsuit Pageant

They're hotter than XXX wings.
Hooters International Promo

Earlier this week, 81 gorgeous Hooters girls gathered in Las Vegas to compete in the sports bar franchise’s 21st annual swimsuit pageant for the coveted title of Miss Hooters International 2017. 

They were all hotter than the spiciest Hooters chicken wings, but it was Chelsea Morgensen from Hollywood, California who ultimately took home the crown. 

31 Chelsea Morgenson

The aspiring model and actress's Instagram feed is absolute fire. We highly recommend giving her a follow. 

We congratulate all of the contestants for making an outstandingly sexy showing. Get acquainted with more of the voluptuous vixens below: 

Caitlyn Efel 

Screenshot (3188)

Rachel Cillick 

Screenshot (3193)

Jennifer Koenig

Screenshot (3189)

Casey Luckey 

Screenshot (3192)

Kiffanie Binkley 

Screenshot (3191)

Kammie Hall 

Screenshot (3190)

Katrina Aird

Screenshot (3186)

Camri Campbell

Screenshot (3187)

Leslie Valeria Cuellar 

Screenshot (3181)

Keely Reardon 

Screenshot (3185)

Mariah Materiale 

Screenshot (3179)

Emily Price 

Screenshot (3184)

Marissa Wick 

Screenshot (3183)

Emily Bond

Screenshot (3182)

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