Miss USA Nana Meriwether Is Single and Looking – Online!

The pageant winner turns to Tinder to find guys. Get ready for the app to crash.

With so many dating websites and apps out there, chances are that if you do some searching you’ll invariably stumble upon someone you know and probably didn’t expect to be there: your colleague, lonely Aunt Nora, or maybe Miss USA title-holder Nana Meriwether. Turns out the 2012 pageant winner turned to Tinder back in April to try to find a guy in New York City.

Photographed by Fadil Berisha 

“Here’s the thing about dating in New York: It doesn’t exist,” the 6-foot stunner told New York Magazine. “There are so many distractions that people just forget to go on a second date.”

Photographed by Fadil Berisha 

Listen, Nana, we’ve forgotten plenty of things in our time (picking up our dry cleaning; where we left our right shoe last Friday night, etc.), but rest assured, one look at these photos combined with the memory of your strut down the stage during the pageant’s swimsuit portion, which inexplicably pops into our head several times day, and we would very much remember to arrange a second date.

Photographed by Fadil Berisha 

Now, can you please check your Tinder notifications? We’re standing 10 feet behind you. 


Photos by Fadil Berisha