This Stunning Model Carries Her Emotional Support Chicken Everywhere

Even beautiful women sometimes need a mother hen.
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Summer Rayne Oakes

Summer Rayne Oakes

Look, it's easy to make jokes about people who need emotional support animals. Too often it seems more like an excuse to just haul your dog wherever you want to go. But the truth is, they really do help some people.

It's a little surprising, though, when someone you might assume has a glamorous life reveals they sometimes need their pet to get through the day. Like environmental activist and model Summer Rayne Oakes; the Post reports that she carries her hen Kippee everywhere.

Oakes isn't necessarily a vegan or anything. She tells the Post that she does eat eggs and says she'll "usually make them into a veggie omelette...You can’t get any fresher."

The Post reports Oakes discovered Kippee at the Wild Bird Fund. She says her reaction was "‘Oh my God this is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life.’” 

Turns out Oakes rescued Kippee from a sad fate; as a chick she was reportedly abandoned after Easter. Now she is about as pampered as any fashion model, drinking expensive bottled water and doing fashion shoots along with Oakes.

Summer Rayne tells the Post she has only left Kippee alone for a couple of hours. She carries the hen all over Brooklyn, getting plenty of amused—and bemused—attention from usually jaded New Yorkers. 

Oakes says that if she leaves her chicken, Kippee "screams and gets really depressed,” 

"Instead of her being my emotional support pet," Oakes continues,"I'm like her emotional support human."

It's hard to ignore the feeling that rather than being silly, Oakes's relationship with Kippee is endearing. 

As a model, Oakes is no joke, with or without her pet Rhode Island Red. Check out a few photos below.