We Can't Get Enough of Smoke Show Cassandre Davis Going Full Beast Mode in the Gym

Could you keep up?
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Say what you will about soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, he has killer taste in women. He's been scoping Argentina's hottest weather girl on Instagram, and she's not the first he's checked out on that social media site. Last year he was rumored to have slid into stunner Cassandre Davis's DMs as well. 

While we don't know if Davis is connected with Ronaldo now, we do know the Miami-based fitness model is doing just fine, if not absolutely amazing. 

In addition to shots that display her considerable assets, Davis loves recording her booty-tastic workouts, and the truth is, they look pretty damn fierce. We're talking jump squats, split squats, and Zercher squats. That's in addition to kettlebell work, burpees, battle ropes—she pretty much covers the gamut, ranging from bodyweight to heavy barbell lifts, and she looks incredible in action. 

Davis looks like she's into the workouts, but they also serve her modeling career beautifully, carving out some mind-blowing curves. Get a look at the results in her Insta shots below.

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