This Hungry Model Eating a Turkey Leg is All We Want For Thanksgiving

Let's give thanks for this lip-smacking video...
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Juliana Herz Turkey Leg Promo 1 [Instagram/Chris Applebaum]

[Photo: Instagram/Chris Applebaum]

In the latest sexy post from L.A.-based video director Chris Applebaum, feast your eyes upon Costa Rican model and Instagram stunner Juliana Herz in one of her sultriest shoots yet. 

With Louis Armstrong's famed "What a Wonderful World" playing in the background, the beguiling beauty sensually tears into a turkey leg while wearing nothing but a bikini top and unbuttoned denim short-shorts. 

Yes, these clips are awfully similar to other scorching-hot videos Applebaum has created, such as Kara Del Toro's delectable doughnut clip or Meghan Wiggins' sexy short rib session. And we are totally OK with that.

Now, go dig in to your own Thanksgiving day family feast. Just try not to think about Juliana while you do it.