In the mood for Italian

Say hello to Melissa Satta, an Italiana so sexy that she’s resistant to all known forms of clothing (except bikinis). 

If there is one thing Italy’s famous for the world over, it’s how good their plumbers are at stompingon turtles. Also? Producing women so attractive that grown men are reduced to quivering heaps at the mere mention of them. Case in point: Melissa Satta, karate champion (ouch!), model (yay!), and gf of Italian soccer superstar Christian Vieri (ouch again!).

You’ve been famous in Italy for years and finally made an American splash in this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Please tell us we’ll be seeing more of you in the U.S. of A.

I am trying. I’m working as I do with my career in Italy. There are some things in dance, but I can’t speak about it—we have to wait until commitments are set.

Is it annoying to be labeled a WAG?

It’s a funny saying. If someone doesn’t like it, maybe it’s better they don’t get engaged to a footballer, don’t you think?

What’s a big difference between life in Italy vs. America?

Americans are very rigorous about work. Here we seldom reach those levels.

Pics of you shopping have appeared on the Web, and you’re defined as a “shoe collector.” Is it true?

Sure, I like shoes, but I’m not a maniac.

Can you explain to us something of women’s mania for shoes that men fail to understand?

There are things that cannot be explained. It’s like men’s passion for soccer. Also, it is not true that men don’t understand; many are equally passionate about shopping.

Guilty as charged!