The 10 Most Popular Models on Tumblr in 2015

There are a few surprises — but they’re all beautiful.

victorias secret runway group

Ranking models is hard. We know, we’ve been doing it for years with our Hot 100 list. What’s the best way to gauge their popularity? Who can tell us which model the world has wanted to see the most of over the past 365 days? 

Tumblr, that’s who. The blogging platform recently tallied up posts from across its 420 million strong community to find which model was the most reblogged. And though it was surprising that top earner Gisele Bundchen was nowhere to be found in the top 10 (not even the top 20), the names that did make it weren’t exactly surprising.

Spoiler: If you’re looking for Bella Hadid, Adriana Lima, Emily Ratajkowski or Lily Aldridge, better luck next year! They all made it in the top 20 but got beat out by the following 10 lovely ladies.

1. Kendall Jenner” tml-render-layout=”inline

2. Cara Delevingne” tml-render-layout=”inline

3. Gigi Hadid” tml-render-layout=”inline

4. Karlie Kloss” tml-render-layout=”inline

5. Candice Swanepoel″ tml-render-layout=”inline

6. Naomi Campbell” tml-render-layout=”inline

7. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley” tml-render-layout=”inline

8. Kate Moss” tml-render-layout=”inline

9. Jourdan Dunn″ tml-render-layout=”inline

10. Taylor Marie Hill” tml-render-layout=”inline