Most Scandalous Cheerleaders in Sports

The Bleacher Report brings us some salacious team supporters

Cheerleading can be a thankless job. You scream yourself hoarse, perform flip after flip, kick more than Chuck Norris and still everyone looks the other way when some stupid athlete makes some stupid touchdown or basket. (Stupid.) Maybe that’s why the girls sometimes use alternative methods to steal the spotlight. You can relive these moments through this rundown of the 50 most scandalous cheerleaders, from our friends at The Bleacher Report.

To paraphrase Stefon, these scandals have everything: side jobs at Hooters, affairs with athletes, DUIs, leaked photos and even Lifetime movies. The cheerleaders involved may never achieve the same notoriety as Tiger Woods, but dammit if they’re not going to try.

Think your favorite team’s pep squad is scandal-free? Find out for sure at The Bleacher Report.

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