Most Wanted: Bianca Kajlich

The Rules of Engagement babe rules our dreams.

Sexy sitcomer Bianca Kajlich is back for the fifth season of Rules of Engagement. As fun-loving Jennifer, she gets down and dirty week after week. And don’t worry: Her character isn’t any closer to the altar! Here’s why we love her.

She’ll spoil you!

“You’ve got to do things that make the man feel like the man. I think taking care of your guy—cooking him a meal and putting on a sexy little outfit—are really important parts of a relationship.”

She likes happy endings!

There’s a Rules episode where my fiancé and I are giving each other massages, but he can’t do it without it leading to sex. That’s so true! You can’t expect guys to do something so sensual without it leading somewhere, ya know?”

She wants a real man!

They’re almost an extinct species today. I want a guy who can camp, fish, and throw something on the barbecue, all with a five-o’clock shadow. Mountain men are sexy.”

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