Meet the Shredded Instababe From China Who's Been Dubbed the World's 'Prettiest Bodybuilder'


Meet Mou Cong, the Chinese-born amateur bodybuilder who's stunning beauty and rock-hard physique is causing a frenzy all over the web. 

After Cong was crowned champion at the Arnold Amateur in two different divisions including the Women's Bodyfitness Overall Winner this year in Columbus Ohio, Chinese media began referring to the ripped 32-year-old beauty as the the world's "prettiest bodybuilder."

With with a gorgeous look Cong described to the Daily Mail as a "combination of Chinese and western culture," she's getting serious pickup with news outlets and tabloids everywhere. Given how damn good she looks in a red rhinestone-covered bikini, it's easy to see why. 

In addition to her female bodybuilding titles, which include two 2012 Asian bodybuilding championships, she also owns a fitness studio in Shanghai where she's practiced MMA-style boxing for three years. 

Mou regularly posts pics of her posing on her killer Instagram feed, and we have a feeling her follower count is about to blow up. Here's a sampling: 

h/t: FHM