‘Mugshawtys’ Is The Adorable Mugshot Instagram You’ve Been Waiting For

How much is bail again?

Mugshawtys Promo
Photos: Instagram/@mugshawtys

If Jeremy “Hot Felon” Meeks taught us anything, it’s that taking a damn fine mugshot is possible. Hell, he managed to turn his extremely flattering pic into a modeling career, complete with fooling around with an heiress on her yacht. 

The “Mugshawtys” (Mugshawties?) Instagram page embraces the fact that even hot girls break the law by curating a regularly updated feed of the most adorable police portraits of women from across the country. 


The crimes these beauties were booked for vary drastically in severity. More innocuous charges include “obstructing a highway” and “flashing.” Honest mistakes, people! 


Then there’s the classic case of a schoolteacher who likely lost her mind and banged an underage student. No one condones that kind of behavior, but hey, it happens. 


And who among us hasn’t been in possession of an illicit substance at least once in our adult lives? That grin definitely says, “It’s not mine.”  


Other charges are a little hairier. You wouldn’t guess it by their expressions, but the next three were arrested for “burglary,” “assault,” and even—yikes—”first degree murder.” 


Some were posted without any information, so feel free to let your twisted imagination run wild. 


Since the first mugshot was posted on November 19, the Instagram account has already amassed nearly 13,000 followers.

We won’t be surprised if “Mugshawtys” goes totally viral in 2018.