My First Time: Natasha Alam

You’ve seen this Uzbekistani actress on shows like ER and Entourage, and later this year she’ll be playing Eva Mendes’ love interest in the star-heavy remake of The Women. But much more importantly, she knows how to use a sword.

First Love
I love my martial arts. I am taking a wu shu class where we learn to use weapons and fly and do kicks. You learn how to kick somebody in the ass and look good doing it!

First Time With a Guy
It was with the guy who was my first kiss. It was actually great. I think I had multiple orgasms. I think I fell in love with sex.

First Royal Flush
My ex-husband’s family members were royalty in Iran, and they fled during the revolution. They didn’t speak about it much. We got married, and I started getting all these party invitations from the royal family of Great Britain. And I found out that I am a princess! I couldn’t believe it. But I found the good life ridiculous, unless you use it to help other people.

First Drink
My grandmother used to give me beer when I was four years old. She thought I was too skinny. She told me it was lemonade and was like “Drink! Drink!” I didn’t like it.

First Transgender Experience
I played a transvestite on Entourage. To make it realistic, they strapped a pair of prosthetic balls on me. I had to readjust my walk—it’s different when you have something in between your legs! After the show came out, someone wrote on a blog: “Oh, yeah, she’s a real tranny; I was with her last night.” But I think it’s pretty obvious that I’m not.

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