My First Time: Paula Garcés

Seen busting pervy perps as The Shield’s Officer Tina Hanlon and falling in love with a nerdy stoner in this month’s Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantan­amo Bay, Paula Garcés always brings the heat. Listen in as she shares her most memorable first experiences.

First Untrue Internet Rumor
I don’t know where or why this started, but for some reason people think I was pursuing a career in kickboxing. It makes me chuckle anytime someone mentions it.

First Hollywood Battle
I fought really hard for my part on The Shield. They wanted Tina to be a butch black girl, and that’s how all the other actresses looked. It was me against five other girls, so that motivated me. I had underdog syndrome.

First Reaction to Being Labeled a Sex Symbol
I fool them all. If they only knew how geeky and uncoordinated I am!

First Shady Deal
CSI: Miami offered me a chance to do a couple of episodes with the possibility that it could become a recurring role. So I told them, “Sure, whatever you guys want me to do.” When they told me my character was a stripper with a heart of gold, I was like, “Damn! Maybe I should have asked more questions!”

First On-Screen Sex Education
There was a Shield episode that had to do with glory holes. I had no idea they even existed! The show is very educational in that way. It always seems like the nastier the scene, the more appro­priate they find it for Tina.