My First Time: Talulah Riley

The Brit bombshell is driving us wild as a car spokesmodel in The Dilemma. 

The Brit bombshell turned heads in Inception, and now she’s driving us wild as a car spokesmodel in The Dilemma. Impress your friends by memorizing her most important firsts.

First Geek Out

Initially, I studied philosophy, because it claimed to give you answers to the meaning of existence, but it didn’t: It was basic­ally a semantics game. So I started reading books on quantum mechanics, and that seemed really exciting.

First Great Date

My friend had lent his Black­Berry to my now husband, and we had to go to a nightclub to get it

back from him. When we got there my friend said, “Actually, you two should talk, because you’re studying math and he’s a rocket scientist.” My husband gave me this really big grin, and we talked about rockets, physics, and colonizing Mars.

First Prank

I was doing a junket for the movie Pirate Radio with my friend Tom Sturridge. It had been a really long day, and he started making things up and saying that I was in a Swedish band called Fliddern. I actually have a terrible voice, so if anyone’s heard that I’m a singer, I blame Tom.

First Hobby

I always wanted to get good enough at golf to where I could wear the little outfits—you know,

the little skirts and the long check socks and all that stuff. I said I’d never wear that stuff until I

was not hitting balls into the rough, but that day never came.