This Photographer Just Spent A Year and a Half Shooting Beautiful Models in Hotel Rooms

Nice work if you can get it.


We’ve heard a lot of ploys for inviting beautiful women back to your hotel room. But photographer Aladdin Ishmael came up with the best one of all. 

Model: Janaina / Hotel: Le Suite Hotel Rio De Janeiro / Aladdin Ishmael

The L.A.-based lensman spent the past year and a half putting a book together that he plans to self publish in September called My Hotel Room

Model: Alla / Hotel: Hotel Principe Di Savoia Milan / Aladdin Ishmael

You see where we’re going with this? Ishmael, who is originally from Jordan and has photographed celebs like Emily Ratajkowski, Coco Rocha and Adrian Grenier, photographed gorgeous women in impressively posh hotel suites all around the world.

Model: Sun / Hotel: Ritz-Carlton Singapore / Aladdin Ishmael

The result is a multicultural melting pot of half-naked beauties posing seductively in the world’s finest hotels. It also happens to showcase some rather fine architecture. 

Model: Sofia / Hotel: La Suite Hotel Rio De Janeiro / Aladdin Ishmael

The finished product will run to 200 pages of glorious beauties – who no doubt went on to ruin the towels, raid the minibar and muss the sheets….

Model: Miquela / Hotel: Shangri–La Sydney / Aladdin Ishmael