Nearly-Naked News Anchor Replaced By Even More Naked News Anchor

The job market for naked news anchors is pretty cutthroat these days.

Enki Bracaj thought she was way ahead of the game when she made news (literally) in September with a bold audition for the position of reporter on Albania’s Zjarrr TV by showing up essentially topless. “It was obvious if I wanted to make it I had to be brave and offer something different,” said Bracaj of her efforts to break into “the world of television.”

It worked. The news-viewing public in Albania (and, frankly, around the world) welcomed Bracaj to the airwaves with open arms. The 21-year-old went from a public relations student to international news sensation. It was a good day to be a young, hot Albanian woman.

That is, until now. Enter mystery challenger Greta Hoxha (below), the even-more-naked newcomer who burst onto the scene and stole the title of “Albania’s Least Clothed News Anchor” from defending champion Bracaj.

You read that right: Zjarrr TV fired their virally-famous busty news anchor and replaced her instead with an even more scantily-clad substitute. I mean, she’s basically wearing Abu the monkey’s costume from Aladdin. What a world we live in.

To be fair, Bracaj was reportedly fired by the TV station after posing for Playboy, so it looks like she’s not completely without career prospects. We wish the best of luck to Bracaj going forward. There are certainly other news stations out there that could use the ratings.