How Natasha Oakley Made Bikinis Her Business

This Australian bombshell built an empire by wearing everyone’s favorite swimwear.

If you don’t already know about bikini businesswoman and gorgeous Instagram sensation Natasha Oakley, let us give you an introduction. 

She and her equally beautiful business partner Devin Brugman started getting serious attention when they launched their blog A Bikini a Day back in 2012, which chronicled their travels around the world wearing, you guessed it, bikinis. 

Now, A Bikini a Day has transformed into a full-fledged fashion business with an extensive list of collaborations with swimsuit designers. The stunning duo even launched a bikini brand, Monday Swimwear. Oakley also has her own extensive lifestyle blog. 

If we’re honest though, what we love the most about the bombshell blonde is her smokin’ hot Instagram page. Here’s a sampling of what she’s been up to: