You Have to See Naya Rivera's Booty-full Halloween Costume

The 'Glee' hottie is scary sexy.
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Competition for 2016's best Halloween costume was already thick by the end of the weekend. Glee star and former Maxim babe Naya Rivera booty-fully threw down the gauntlet last night, however, hitting Instagram with some shots (and a video!) of her derrière-displaying garb.

Captioned "Boo bitch!" the first image gave us a from-the-back peek at her sexy mummy (?) look. But for good measure, she also threw in a view from the front:

But it was an all-to-brief, three-second video where we really felt the costume's full impact. See here:

This isn't the first time Naya has had tongues wagging. Check out her Maxim photo shoot circa 2010, as well as some behind-the-scenes footage to see what we mean.

h/t BroBible