NFL Cheerleaders 2006

The NFL’s hottest cheerleaders give you something to cheer about.


Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes of Maxim’s annual NFL all-star cheerleader shoot? Let us show you.

Lilly, 18Miami Dolphins

First-timer: “I can’t wait for the season to start. I’ve never been to a Dolphins game! It’s going to be insane and such an adrenaline rush. But I’m most looking forward to just being out there in our uniforms.”

Body work: “My flexibility is improving because we stretch so much. I do my kicks and stretches every day, and I do my splits all the time. Getting used to our boots is the hardest part. They’re, like, four-inch platforms.”

Nicole, 20New Orleans Saints

Sex ed: “I’m majoring in middle-school education. If I’m teaching and some little boy comes up with this magazine and asks, ‘Is that you?’ I’m gonna go, ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about!’”

Getting dirty: “Recently I’ve been learning how to ride four-wheelers and dirt bikes. My boyfriend has a track, and he’s teaching me how to do jumps.”

Clubbin’ it: “I love dancing—at home, in the kitchen, everywhere. I’m always the last one still up there when the club is closing. I’m like, ‘Wait, I’m not finished yet!’ doing random moves that probably don’t even look good.”

Arlene, 24Washington Redskins

Sexy strategy: “Before games we stretch in the tunnel when the opposing team is coming through. We try to distract them, get their minds off the game.”

Family values: “I’m originally from Puerto Rico, and I have a really strict mom. Before I came to this shoot, she sat me down and said, ‘Just always remember your morals.’ Don’t worry, Mom!”

Janette, 23Philadelphia Eagles

Photo op: “We have a great time in the locker room. We make up little dances, we do each other’s makeup, and we take pictures of each other getting ready. I love it.”

Bi-polar: “On the field my alter ego comes out. I should have a pole out there or something! I’m only like that around the cheerleaders, because they’re all such divas.”

Andrea, 25Dallas Cowboys

Pregame posse: “We spend a lot of time in the locker room before games—getting ready, listening to music, hanging out. Then, before we take the field, we huddle and chant: ‘We ready, we ready, we ready, for y’all!’ Some girls go, ‘What! What!’ We do it twice and run out.”

Gridiron mind: “We have a football test at auditions; it’s eight pages! We have to know the teams, how many Super Bowls we’ve won, referee signals—and not just for touchdowns! There’s holding [grabs one wrist], face mask [pulls fist down], crowd noise [raises one arm]… They want us to be up to date on everything.”

Rachel, 21Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Comfort zone: “We’re not ripping our clothes off in the locker room, but we’re comfortable around each other. It’s a nice atmosphere to change in and get your uniform on.”

Dangerous work: “One time the players were going for a tackle and heading straight toward me. I was like, ‘Ahh!’ and ran out of the way. I would’ve been hospitalized.”

Barbara, 19Tampa Bay Buccaneers

High on life: “Walking into the stadium on game day is just crazy. You feel the energy from the fans, even at eight in the morning, when we sometimes have to get there—there are tailgaters at that hour!”

Throwing pains: “I can get a little spiral on the football, but I’m not going to be replacing any quarterbacks anytime soon.”

Jeni, 24Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Show girl: “I don’t get nervous anymore. I’m the type of person who thrives on an audience. I’m just enjoying myself, doing what I love to do.”

Bootylicious: “I think we have the best uniforms in the NFL—ever. You have to check out our newest skirt. It’s got little ruffles on the back, and there are layers, so when you shake it, it looks hot. Very sexy.”

Meghan, 21New England Patriots

Small wonder: “My favorite uniform is the halter and hot pants. It’s just so much easier with less clothing.”

No respect: “The hardest thing is when it’s 90 degrees and we have to keep up the energy. People say, ‘Oh, you’re just cheerleaders,’ but we really do bust our butts.”

Talent show: “I can curl my tongue into three loops. I don’t even know how I learned to do that.”