Nicki Minaj Had a Major Wardrobe Malfunction  and the Internet is Loving It

She handled it like a pro.

(Photo: Getty)

(Photo: Getty)

This weekend, Nicki Minaj headlined the Made in America festival in Philadelphia. In addition to tearing it up onstage like the badass diva she is, she (accidentally) flashed the audience...a couple times. 

In front of a crowd of over 50,000, Nicki’s breasts decided they needed some air, and one just popped right out of her plunging neckline.

Let’s see that again in GIF form.

The Chun-Li rapper nonchalantly tucked her girls back inside like nothing happened, but that dress simply wouldn’t hold. Nicki’s Barbie Tingz wanted the spotlight again.

This is Nicki Minaj we’re talking about—the queen of not giving a damn. She knows everyone saw her nipples, and she’s not even embarrassed.

As expected, Twitter had a field day with it. 

Twitter LOVES nip slips.

Of course, Nicki responded:

Hey, it’s not like we’ve never seen her breasts before. Remember this? Nicki Minaj knows she has amazing boobs and she’s not afraid to put them on display.

(Photo: Getty)

Nothing can hold back Nicki Minaj’s breasts. We’re OK with that.

H/T: Page Six