A Topless Nicki Minaj Has Threesome With Herself in Magazine Cover That Just Might #BreakTheInternet

You’ve got to see this.



Nicki Minaj has seen PAPER magazine’s infamous “butt champagne” cover with Kim Kardashian, and to that she has said, “Kim, what’s goooood?

In the fashion rag’s latest all-out effort to #BreakTheInternet, Nicki Minaj appears on its cover in silver nipple pasties. That’s nothing we haven’t seen before, but this time… Nicki’s getting pleasured by a second platinum-blonde Nicki… while getting felt up by a third pink-haired Nicki creeping up from behind.

The magazine coined a new term to describe what you’re looking at: a “Minaj à troi.”

(Photo: YouTube)

“We have never called an issue Break the Internet since we did it back in 2014 with Kim Kardashian. It takes a certain type of talent, with an awesome fan base and the ability to put trust in PAPER to work our magic,” Creative Director Drew Elliott said in a statement accompanying the cover shot from Ellen von Unwerth.

“We have seen different versions of Nicki, from high fashion to seductive to in-your-face and eye-catching all at the same time. But we had never seen all of these together—and now we have the chance.”


Kim Kardashian has nothing but goodwill towards her successor. She “liked” the cover image on Instagram and even commented three fire emojis, which is effectively the highest praise one can offer on Instagram.   

All her Instagrams are worthy of at least three flame emojis.


Be sure to revisit Kim K’s now-iconic 2014 PAPER cover shot by Jean-Paul Goude, above.