Rejoice, Nicki Minaj Is Single

The booty-full rap queen is back on the market.

If you are a “boy toy named Troy” who “used to live in Detroit” then boy do we have the news for you! Booty-full “Anaconda” rapper Nicki Minaj just tweeted that she is single, meaning her relationship with Meek Mill is kaput.

Ordinarily, celebrities breaking up makes us feel sad, but we celebrate the newfound singlehood of Nicki Minaj. A long-term relationship is no place for a girl like Nicki, who needs to her freedom to release more ass-quaking music videos and to throw more shade at Miley Cyrus at the VMAs.

There is no doubt plenty of beez will be falling into her trap in the months to come. Prepare to battle it out for Nicki’s affection with a slideshow of her six most booty-full moments, below: