We Can’t Get Enough of Australian Beauty Nicole Thorne on Instagram

Get to know the stunner from down under.

We’ve been fans of Nicole Thorne for months, and not just because of her scintillating snaps. The Brisbane-based stunner, a regular fixture of the lingerie and swimwear worlds, isn’t just a pretty face on top of a stunning figure: she knows exactly what she wants from a man, and she’s going to tell you to your face.


“Honestly I think the biggest obstacle males face is listening to everyone else’s advice that have no interest in if the ‘relationship’ works or not,” Thorne told The Acquiring Man in an interview. “They need to follow their own instincts more. Honest heartfelt actions go a lot further than mimicking someone else’s moves.”

‘Follow your heart’ is advice we can get behind, especially if since its coming from this brunette beauty.


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