Watch Nina Agdal’s Sexy Bikini Dance in This Riveting Instagram Video

It’s just another reason to love this Danish supermodel.

If the rumor mill is to be trusted, Leonardo DiCaprio is supposedly back on with Danish bombshell Nina Agdal. And it’s a damn shame if she’s off the market, because she’s pretty much the ultimate dream girl. 

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Case in point: the 24-year-old swimsuit siren recently posted to Instagram a riveting video of her getting “caught groovin.” Review the evidence, below:

This wasn’t the first time the winner of Sport’s Illustrated 2012 “Rookie of the Year” busted a move in a perilously tiny bikini. Last March, video leaked of Nina strutting her stuff in nothing more than a blue two-piece and baseball cap.


If your heart wasn’t already pounding away, consider this: this girl will also eat you under the table. In a recent interview with CR Fashion Book, Nina dished on her favorite foods in New York City: bodega egg and cheese, chocolate cake from Domino’s Pizza (!), Shake Shack double cheeseburgers and spicy rigatoni from Italian mecca Carbone.

About her go-to burger, Agdal says: “It’s a double cheese. I like mayo and ketchup and extra pickles. I don’t think that they have pickles there, so I’ll go hunting for pickles—last time I found some at a nearby food truck.”

Now that is dedication.

About the bizarre choice of Domino’s chocolate cake, Nina gushed, “Oh my god, you have to try it! I sometimes just order that and not even pizza.”

“You can go to Nobu or get any fancy cake and it won’t be as good as this one,” she added. “It’s crispy on the outside and it’s super soft in the middle; pouring goodness comes out of it as soon as you open it. It has a little powder sugar on top—it’s gorgeous.”

No, Nina, YOU are gorgeous.

Perhaps that voracious appetite explains why she absolutely killed it in her Carl’s Jr. Super Bowl commercial back in 2013.

Take good care of her Leo, you lucky son of a bitch.

h/t Daily Mail