Here Is An Illustrated Guide to the 9 Different Kinds of Breasts

Which are your favorite?


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Guess what? There are nine different types of boobs! Yeah, I know, I’m mindfucked too. To think I previously thought there were only small, medium, and large boobs. How ignorant of me.

ThirdLove, a San Francisco based lingerie firm, previously created something called the “Breast Shape Dictionary,” in which they defined seven different types of boobs you may encounter on your life journey. 

Now, the breast experts (breast-perts?) added two more types of party pillows to the set, giving us a grand total of nine varieties. The more the merrier!

Lucky for you, we put together a nifty slideshow of the nine types of boobs, so that you can educate yourself about these nine wonders of the world. 


H/T: Daily Mail


Zeynep Yenisey