12 Sizzling Niykee Heaton Photos That'll Make You an Instant Fan

The "Bad Intentions" songstress turns 24 today.
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Niykee Heaton Promo 1

Happy birthday, Niykee Heaton! 

The deviant diva's killer curves and lust for danger in the racy music video for her RIAA-gold certified single "Bad Intentions" caught our attention back in 2016, and we've been hooked ever since. 

Following that breakout hit and a supporting tour, the talented YouTube sensation and rising hip-hop star dropped Starting Over on Capitol Records in October. The three-song EP's title track showed Heaton's fans a new lyrical direction. 

“Most of the time I sing in a sort of growl, but I wanted to make 'Starting Over' a full-on power ballad,” she said at the time of its release. “I really pushed the boundaries of what I usually do and sang it in a totally different way.”

Help Heaton celebrate her 24th birthday with 12 of her most stunning Instagram photos below: 

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