Singer Niykee Heaton Nude Eating a Burger in Bed Proves She’s Actually Your Dream Girl

What more could you ask for?

Niykee Heaton has built career out of her ability to completely entrance anyone who lays eyes on her. The 21-year-old singer and model was discovered through her YouTube channel of hypnotic covers, leveraging her incredible talent and mesmerizing Instagram presence into her first North American tour, and her star seems to be burning brighter than ever.

It helps that the artist knows she’s hot stuff. Her 1.9 million fan-strong Instagram account exudes sex appeals; she even shot her video for single ‘Lullaby’ like a sex tape. The girl knows who she is and what she wants, and that’s just fine by us.

But more importantly, Heaton likes to end her days just like you do: with some greasy food and a whole lot of skin.

cheeseburgers and fries, we don't go on dates. (magical candid capture: @laurenpisciotta 📸)

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We love a woman who doesn’t deny herself the gastronomic pleasures of the world. Ronda Rousey loves her bufallo wings and Emily Ratajkowski can’t unwind without Game of Thrones, but we’d end our night with Heaton any day of the week — and even stick around for breakfast the next day.

tonight orlando

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