A Braless Revolution Has Taken Over Instagram and It's the Hottest Meme Ever

Headlights on.
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When women began to aggressively move toward social and sexual liberation in the late 60s and 70s, bra-burning was a thing. There were full-blown demonstrations featuring unwashed hippie feminists torching boob slings.

Some might say that was hot in a natural, earthy way. Now another braless revolution is underway on Instagram, and it's totally different—at least appearance-wise.

The New York Post reports on how this trend began:

The clickbait-worthy tops originated from the Australian brand No Bra Club, which also sells head-turning, slogan-emblazoned thongs. But on Instagram right now, it’s all about the top. These are but a few beauties spotted in the look.

We've never heard of that band before, so it's clear that this was a pretty genius move on their part. 

We hunted for several examples of the No Bra Club look, and there were more than enough to choose from. 

Check out some of our faves below.