This Model Walked Around a Mall Totally Naked For Wild Body Paint Prank

“Are those real pants?”
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If you were out in public somewhere, like at Target or something, would you notice if someone was completely nude? You would, right? A naked person is kinda hard to miss.

But hardly anyone noticed when one model bravely went out in public completely naked, save for some body paint, pasties, a thong, a hat, and a scarf.

Professional body painter Jen Seidel, a.k.a. “Jen The Body Painter,” spent three painstaking hours painting meticulously painting a nude model, and then took her on a shopping trip to the local mall to see if anyone would notice there was a naked woman in their midst.

Seidel told Bored Panda: “We walked through the mall to see whether people would react. It got pretty interesting.” Yeah, I bet! I, too, would be fascinated if there was a body painted nude model trying on sunglasses and looking at sweaters at the mall.

But apparently, most people didn’t notice there was literally a naked woman walking around, and they didn’t even look twice.

Others, however, couldn’t take their eyes off the model’s skin tight jeans, and one shop assistant asked: “Are those real pants?” while another guy tried so, so hard to look away, but he just ended up praying to Jesus for the strength and willpower to do so.

Seidel also took the model bra shopping at Victoria's Secret, and the sales associate honestly didn’t realize she was naked until she started measuring her naked boobs. What a fun surprise, huh?

Want to see more naked models get painted and hit the town? Seidel does a lot of these videos, so you might want to check out her Instagram or YouTube page.

H/T: New York Post