WWE Legend Mick Foley Has a Gorgeous Daughter, And We’ve Got the Pics To Prove It

Submit to these smoking hot photos.

Noelle and Mick Foley Promo
Left: Instagram/@noellefoley


Prepare to be visually body-slammed by photos of Mick Foley’s smoking-hot daughter, Noelle. 

The rough-and-tumble WWE Hall of Famer’s surprisingly hot offspring has amassed over 750,000 followers on Instagram with countless sexy posts, many of which are accompanied by body-positive messages. 


Wrestling fans are sure to appreciate Noelle’s appreciation of the art. She regularly gives updates on her dad’s engagements and even went as Nikki Bella for Halloween. 


Truthfully, it’s probably the 23-year-old beauty’s willingness to flaunt her rockin’ bikini bod that keeps fans coming back for more. 


Check out more of Noelle’s hottest Instagram shots below: 


h/t: FHM