Sound the Alarm for Gunn Narten, Norway's Sexiest Firefighter

Keep an extinguisher handy when viewing these scorching-hot pics.
Gunn Narten Firefighter

We recently introduced you to New York City's smokeshow of a cop, Samantha Sepulveda. And now, we've discovered the woman who's being called Norway's sexiest firefighter. What a week!

30-year-old Gunn Narten might have the shapely physique and stunning looks of most any Instagram model, but she tasks her body with the physically demanding work of full-time firefighting. Surprisingly, it's what she's wanted to do for her entire adult life, according to an interview from Caters News Agency. 

“I decided to become a firefighter when I was 19 – I have always loved being active and being part of a team," she told Caters. "When I found out you could combine this with a physical job, challenging tasks and doing something good for others, the choice was easy."

As if her chosen line of work wasn't impressive enough, she's also worked as a personal trainer for the last four years, and spends much of her free time keeping her body in pristine shape with a workout regimen that includes CrossFit, strength training, running, swimming and playing football with her male colleagues. 

"In my profession, I need to be strong and have a high level of fitness," she told Caters. "I want to make sure I can keep up with the boys!"

Her Instagram follower count is currently hovering around 60 thousand, but we're guessing that will continue to spike as more people are introduced to this gorgeous firefighting babe. 

Check out some of her sexiest selections from her fiery feed below: 

h/t: New York Post