A Note in Support of Kate Moss’s Model Behavior

Barring injury, property damage, excess vitriol or theft, let the models be models.

We’re living in an era of “Models—they’re just like us!” Thanks in part to , super-famous waifs like Karlie Kloss—who in a different time might have cultivated an air of aloofness and an expensive addiction—come across as kind, down-to-earth professionals. The dominant photos of Kloss aren’t paparazzi shots of the model falling over one of the Meat Packing’s cobblestones into a black Mercedes, but curated Instagram snaps of .


But there’s one grand dame upholding the tradition of supermodel misbehavior: Queen of the Rumpus, Kate Moss. Fashion’s premier elder stateswoman—Moss is 41—was removed from an EasyJet at London’s Luton airport after she was reportedly “disruptive.” The disruptions? World-class.

Fellow passengers report that Moss arrived touch too “festive” for the cabin crew, who refused her request for vodka. Pragmatically, Moss then went on to serve herself from a bottle stowed in her cabin luggage. After imbibing, and as she was ejected, Moss dubbed the withholding pilot a “basic bitch.”

No arrests were made, and one fellow passenger noted that it was the crew, not Moss, who acted aggressively. The same passenger went on to note that Moss was—booze-assisted or otherwise—light-hearted during the exchange. 

Brava. Supermodels of the world, take note: Model Behavior means bringing your own Grey Goose on the jet, throwing a light insult, and maintaining a breezy good-nature throughout. Beer is boorish, politeness is prim, and tears are for teenagers. While the EasyJet crew may feel otherwise, we’re happy to let the world’s most famous face do as she pleases after two decades in the biz. To Kate, good work, and a vodka on the rocks. 

Photos by Photo by: Splash News/Corbis