Olga Kurylenko

If her looks don’t knock you dead, trying to pronounce her last name might.

Tell us about your Bond character.

Camille is a real personality, a real character. The thing is, it’s a major, integral role; it’s not just hanging out in the back while the action is going on. I think she’s really interesting, especially for a Bond girl.

Who is the best Bond of all time?

Well, of course I think Daniel Craig is the best Bond.

What kind of training did you do?

There are obviously a lot of stunts in this movie. I did body-flight training, which is like skydiving. It’s amazing, addictive. I’d like to do it again. I learned about shooting guns, like how to aim and what position to hold it. I also learned how to strip a gun and put it back together. I’m proud to say I can now take a gun apart in eight seconds.

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