Olivia Munn

The cohost of G4’s Attack of the Show! just might be the perfect woman.

When did you first realize you were…well, kind of a nerd.

“I think it was eighth grade. I was in a military family, so by the time I was 13 I’d lived in six different places. I remember looking around that year and realizing that the one group that always takes you in is the geeks.”

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Did you have a geek idol growing up?

“Punky Brewster. At the time I found her I was living in Utah—Mormon central, all these blond-haired, blue-eyed, all-American people. Then there was me, a complete tomboy with natty hair and polyester pants. I saw this girl on TV who looked and talked just like me and played with boys and didn’t care about getting dirty.”

You’re in The Slammin’ Salmon, and Iron Man 2. Has the jump to film been intimidating?

“I was a big fan of Super Troopers, so working with the Broken Lizard guys was so much fun. For Iron Man I had to improv with Robert Downey Jr., which is like going up against LeBron in basketball. At one point he stopped and said, “Can we give a round of applause to Olivia, because she’s rocking it right now.” I was so happy I went through a McDonald’s drive-through on my way home and ordered two cheeseburgers and some fries.”

We have to ask: Are you dating anyone—or is there hope for us?

“I just broke up with my boyfriend, so I’m officially single. But one thing I find unbelievably annoying is all these guys in my life who want to save me. They’re like, “Do you feel alone?” Everyone’s turned into Oprah!”

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