Olivia Munn Celebrated Her Birthday With An Amazing Bikini Dance Video

Sweet Mother of God.

Geek goddess and beef jerky sommelier Olivia Munn celebrated turning 37 by rocking the hell out of a bikini in this mesmerizing clip from her island vacation.

Just try to look away as the former Maxim cover girl lip syncs Mariah Carey's "Always Be My Baby" along with her bikini-clad buddies on a beach in Turks and Caicos. 

Speaking of Olvia's sexy pals, she also posted this smoldering selfie in which she pointed out one of her companion's glorious cleavage. 

"Birthday Trip (ps check Corinne's 🍈🍈 in my 🕶.)," she captioned the photo. Your wish is our command! 

The Oklahoma-born bombshell also rounded up her birthday crew for these steamy hot tub shots... 

...and appears to just be having an all-around awesome time on her tropical getaway. Here's some more sexy highlights: 

Cheers to you, Olivia. Never change. 

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