Olivia Munn’s Sexy Crusades-Inspired Met Gala Look Ignited Major Twitter Backlash

The actress tweeted her dress was inspired by her “love” for the bloody religious war.


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The theme of the 2018 annual Met Gala was bound to stir controversy. Called “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination,” stars wore looks inspired by Catholic iconography. 

But it wasn’t Rihanna’s sacrilegious “slutty pope” look that caused the trouble. It was a Crusades-inspired gold chainmail dress that actress Olivia Munn wore.

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Or rather, it’s what she said about it. In a since deleted tweet, Munn said her golden look was inspired by her “love of the Crusades.”

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The Crusades were a bloody religious war between the Latin Church and Muslims in the 11th century. Christians sought to regain Southern Europe from Muslim expansion and to retake control of the Holy Land in the eastern Mediterranean.

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Munn’s “love” for an era defined by widespread slaughter and religious conflict did not sit too well with the social justice crusaders of Twitter.



It was probably just a poor word choice… or a chapter in World History that Munn skipped in high school.

h/t People