Hey New Yorkers, Give Pregnant Olivia Wilde a Seat on the Damn Subway!

We’re living in a society here, people.

It doesn’t matter that Olivia Wilde is a former No. 1 of the Maxim Hot 100. It doesn’t matter that she’s obscenely gorgeous, totally hilarious, or that she really cares about the environment. None of these things matter, citizens of New York City—the rule is you should always give up your seat to a pregnant woman on the subway.

Yes, the expecting actress took to Twitter on Wednesday, calling out fellow straphangers who refused to give up a seat for her.

The star of the recently cancelled Vinyl and her stylish fiancé Jason Sudeikis live in Brooklyn, where they’re raising their 2-year-old son, Otis. Hopefully, they’re instilling in him better manners than the rude-ass subway riders his mom encountered.

Do better, New York!