Our Favorite JennaMarbles Moments

The cute and crass YouTuber is newly single. Let’s celebrate!

If you follow JennaMarbles, a.k.a. Jenna Mourey, on YouTube, you may have noticed her in this somber video a few weeks ago. Turns out she called it off with her boyfriend, which she revealed in another vid. His loss is our mega gain. This Internet superstar has been on our minds for a few years now. Ms. Marbles has a bangin’ body, a foul mouth, and an amazing sense of humor. Let’s celebrate her new singledom with some of our favorite Jenna moments:

1. ‘What I Would Have Done in Cancun’


We love this vid for obvious reasons. Enjoy.

2. ‘Totally Sketch Originals: The Morning After (feat. Jenna Marbles)’

So this would never happen, but a guy can dream! (Or just watch this video.)

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3. ‘How To Trick People Into Thinking You Have Big Boobs’


It’s a trick? Don’t care.

4. ‘Jenna Mud Shoot’

Jenna rolling around in mud. Yes please.

5. ‘The Workout’


Okay, we’ll admit it. She can do no wrong. That hair, the makeup… we don’t care. Still hot. 

6. ‘Practicing Spike’s Floor Moves’


Sparkles. Lingerie. Furry boots. Tumbling. Who wouldn’t like this vid? 

7. ‘Bounce That Dick’

This one makes us feel a little weird, but we still love it. 


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