Our Interview with Elizabeth Halseth

Former Senator Elizabeth Halseth is the youngest woman to be elected to the Nevada Legislature. We chatted with the sexy politician about her time in office and the upcoming election.

Now 29-years-old, former Republican state senator Elizabeth Halseth was the youngest woman ever to be elected to the Nevada Legislature when she began her term in 2010, at just 27. Though she exited office in February 2012, Halseth was a popular write-in for our 2012 Hot 100 List. We chatted with the sexy politician about her time in office and the upcoming election.

How do you think your Maxim shoot went?

The photographer was very professional and it was a great experience! Everyone was cool, and I loved wearing the black dress.

How did you get your start in politics?

Well I first became interested in politics during the last presidential election. So many people in the community were taking the stance of “It doesn’t really matter who we vote for because no one is going to represent us.” I thought, “You know that’s not really true, we just have to elect the right person.” I decided to get involved and I started volunteering on campaigns.

What does it take to run for office?

Thick skin! It takes a lot of courage. It’s not easy for somebody who wants to make a real difference and for somebody who wants to truly serve and do the right thing. You have to be able to make waves, stand on your own two feet, and do what’s right for the people.​

What are your thoughts on the presidential race for this year so far?

It’s been intense. Back and forth I think. I think we have gotten off-track a little bit in the middle somewhere. We need to get back to the economy–the number one issue for our country. It is very devastating to see so many people struggling to put food on the table and to make the tough decision of which bill to pay the electric or the water bill. That is heartbreaking for me. There are still some undecided voters out there but I think it will end well.

What are the qualities that you look for in a president?

I look for someone with integrity and who does what they say they are going to do. And someone who actually wants to be a representative and serve the people, I think that’s what I look for in a leader.

What was your proudest accomplishment while in office?

I don’t know if I can’t pinpoint it to one thing. My greatest passion is serving my constituents — helping people definitely is one of my best accomplishments.

What would you say is your guilty pleasure?

Chocolate and pasta!

You’re on death row. What’s your final meal?

Well I hope I’ll never be on death row! But I’d have to say I am a sucker for fish so it would be the best king salmon that Alaska has to offer.

If there was a movie or TV show about your life who would play you?

Um let’s see, I think maybe Anne Hathaway.

What is your political advice for us?

I have found lately just this election cycle so many people are undecided, and so many are fed up with where are country is going today. There are some people who have decided they are not even going to go and vote, and I would encourage them to do so anyway. If you are not happy with how things are going, the only way to make a difference is to do something about it. Research the candidates, and go vote in November.