Watch 17 Minutes of ‘Top Chef’ Beauty Padma Lakshmi Eating Hot Wings

We could watch this all day.

As part of a running series, First We Feast sits down with various celebrities—like James Franco and Bryan Cranston, for example—and chats while interviewer and interviewee chow down on hot wings that get hotter as the segment progresses.

For the most recent installment of Hot Ones, Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi was up for the challenge. She may have been the toughest guest yet. For 17 minutes, she candidly discussed Top Chef guests she didn’t like, her sexy Instagram selfies and eating bull penis all while tasting some of the hottest sauces known to man.

She never broke a sweat, only sipped her milk once, and remained graceful and just… extremely beautiful throughout. Is this love? What are these feelings?

Above, watch Padma destroy those wings like an elegant, heaven-sent beast with shiny hair and a soothing voice. Below, watch some more installments of Hot Ones: