Pamela Anderson Smolders In Racy New Lingerie Ads For Coco De Mer

Still got it.

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Pamela Anderson is pushing 50, sure. But age is obviously just a number for Pam. She looks as incredible as ever, and these photos of her in her role as brand ambassador for U.K. lingerie and erotic toy distributor Coco de Mer are all the proof you need. 

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The former C.J. Parker of the original TV version of Baywatch and current alleged Julian Assange love interest is, if anything, even more bold today about who she is than she was when her fame exploded for all the wrong reasons due to a leaked sex tape of her with then-husband Tommy Lee. 

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The ’90s sex symbol’s recent video for a Coco de Mer sex toy is, of course, a great example of her all-out ownership of herself and what she wants in middle age. Keep doing you, Pam.

In fact, the only bad thing about these stylish shots of Pamela Anderson in sexy underwear is that there aren’t more of them. 

The world could obviously always use more Pam in barely-there lingerie, right?  

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